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Chowder Debate

GREAT Chowder Debate
What is the Great Chowder Debate?

Inaugurated in 1984, the Great Chowder Debate is one of the longest-running chowder championships in the country. Restaurants from the greater St. Augustine area come out every November to donate their chowders and their time in hope of winning first place. The Great Chowder Debate features over 5,000 patrons and over 2,000 gallons of chowder,  served by some of the Florida’s best restaurants and chefs.

What is the Great Chowder Debate?

Restaurants of all types are welcome to participate in the Chowder Debate.

You do no need to be a seafood restaurant or even have chowder on your menu to be included.  

In the past we have had restaurants come out ranging from Italian to Irish, and even local Delis.  

As long as you think you can cook up a tasty chowder and want to join the fun,

we will be more than happy to let you join. The more restaurants the better!

2019 Winners

Minorcan Conch Chowder 

1st Place: The Conch House Marina Resort; 2nd Place: Harry’s Grille ; 3rd Place: Lulu’s Waterfront Grille


Minorcan Clam Chowder

1st Place: Fresh Market Island; 2nd Place: The Purple Olive; 3rd Place: Little Margie’s FA Cafe


New England Clam Chowder

1st Place: Tides Oyster Co.; 2nd Place: Little Margie’s FA Cafe ; 3rd Place: Lulu’s Waterfront Grille


Seafood Chowder

 1st Place: Sunset Grille ; 2nd Place: Aunt Kate’s ; 3rd Place: Salt Life Food Shack

Non-Seafood Chowder

1st Place: Fried Chicken Kitchen; 2nd Place: The Purple Olive ; 3rd Place: Santiago’s Florida Kitchen and Craft Bar


People’s Choice Award 

Little Margie’s FA Cafe


Conch House Chowder Debate.jpg

How do I participate if I am a Restaurant?

Still haven’t joined the debate? We are always looking for new restaurants to join in the fun. It is free to enter, all we ask is for you to make some delicious chowder! Click below for Orientation Guide & Application or Apply Online.

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